Denjiro Ookouchi(1899-1962)
Born as Masuo Oobe in Ookouchi Village, Fukuoka Prefecture. After the great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, he sought to be a playwright and enrolled in a theater school and graduated in 1926, whereupon, he entered . After gaining approval from director Ito Daisuke, he released a three part piece entitled "Chujiro's travel diary." He also gained popularity for his personal looks, parts and vitality.In 1936, he transferred to Toho Movie Company. After World War II, he joined a strike against Toho and transferred to the new Toho, which later became Daiei and then Toei Pictures. Among his representative films are "The Peak of the Great Bodhisattva" and "The Rise of Fall of the Newly Elected Team" (Koboshinsengumi). At the Ookouchi mountain villa, whose garden was created by Denjiro himself, are displayed photo panels, old scripts and Denjiro's favorite belongings.