In the heart of Kyoto
the Club facing to  "Ishibe-Koji",
a famous stone-paved alley,just like
Drink and indulge in all your reminiscences,
enjoying comfortable tiny Kyoto-gaeden,
reflecting changes of japanese seasons
in a glass------
Why don't you walk around   "Ishibe-Koji" ,
a tranquil approach to   "Du-Ran"

The visitors from abroad are more than welcome,and are able to
enjoy conversation with Japanese hostess who speaks English.

Only \11,000.-per person within two hours time
for any drinks whatever,
serving with an appetizer,mineral water,ice cubes.
Bottle-keeping is also available.

The prominent magazine like "President",
"Amakara-Techo (a gourmet guidance)",

popular TV-programs introduced us
and praised us as
one of the best style and reliable clubs in Kyoto

Service Hours
p.m. 6:30 ~ a.m. 1:00

Regular Day Off

Sunday & Public Holiday

Isibe-kozi nisi Koudaizimichi shimogawara Higashiyama ku
Kyoto,Japan 605-0825

Telephone (075)-551-2802

Tomoko Hayashi