Information on Nishiki Market Shopping Mall

Please come and enjoy shopping.
Nishiki Market Shopping Mall: Nishikikoji Street is one block north of Shijo Street. 
Nearest station
・subway station "Karasuma" or ten minutes by taxi from Kyoto Station.
・Keihan Line
 "Shijo" "Sanjo" 
・Hankyu Line
"Karasuma" "Kawaramachi"
・municipal bus
 "Shijo-karasuma" "Shijo-takakura" "Shijo-kawaramachi"

 Nishiki Market Shopping Mall, in the center of Kyoto City, has been famous as the kitchen of Kyoto for a long time. Thanks to the fresh groundwater in Nishikikoji Street, the shops along the four-hundred-meter street have been providing fresh fish and fowl for people in Kyoto.

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