An hour and thirty-five minutes by train and about two hours and a half by car from Kyoto.
Two hours by train and about two hours by car from Osaka.
Amanohashidate is very easy to access.

from Kyoto

by car
KyotoKyoto-jukan HighwayShuchi InterchangeNational Highway27Ayabe
National Highway27Nishi-MaizuruNational Highway178Amanohashidate
KyotoKyoto-jukan HighwayShuchi InterchangeNational Highway9Fukuchiyama
National Highway176KayaNational Highway176Amanohashidate

by train JR Kyoto Station(9:25) Limited Express Hashidate1 Amanohashidate(11:21)
JR Kyoto Station(11:25) Limited Express Tango Explorer 1 Amanohashidate(13:29)
JR Kyoto Station(12:25) Limited Express Hashidate3 Amanohashidate(14:14)
JR Kyoto Station(15:25) Limited Express Hashidate5 Amanohashidate(17:09)
JR Kyoto Station(18:25) Limited Express Hashidate7 Amanohashidate(20:20)

from Osaka

by car
OsakaChugoku HighwayYoshikawa JCTMaizuru HighwayFukuchiyama
National Highway176KayaNational Highway176Amanohashidate
OsakaChugoku HighwaygJCTMaizuru HighwayNishi-Maizuru Interchange
National Highway27Nishi-MaizuruNational Highway178Amanohashidate

by train JR Shin-Osaka Station(7:56) Limited Express Tango Discovery11 Amanohashidate(10:16)
JR Shin-Osaka Station(9:56) Limited Express Tango Discovery81 Amanohashidate(12:19)
JR Shin-Osaka Station(16:56) Limited Express Monju 1 Amanohashidate(19:18)

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